The best graffiti artists, according to Ric

The graffiti game is nearly overrun with new graf heads trying to get their mugs in the spotlight. Sure there are still amazing pieces floating around the Bay Area, but originality seems to have diminished after the popularity of the internet exploded.  Yeah I know, not cool.

Rather than pull my marvelously curly hair out my head, I went to have a few words with my friend Ric who has been around the graffiti culture for several decades. Yeah I’ll admit it, I’m still a bit uncultured about graffiti so I needed to ask him a question. During his lunch break, I asked for his opinion about who he thought were the greatest graffiti artists today. I was pleasantly surprised to discover his answer to my question.

In the back of my mind I thought that if the artist is not from the Bay Area then it definitely had to be someone from New York. Come on, it’s the home of hip-hop! No sir, I was wrong. These artists come from the home of sauerkraut and French bread. They are none other than Germany and France.

The first response that came to Ric’s mind was the style of lettering that graff writers in France and Germany have mastered. That style happens to be 3d graffiti art. he spoke passionately about a german graffiti artist Daim. He says Daim has some of the best 3d graffiti art ever, which is something I have never seen until after he mentioned it to me.  And yeah, I won’t lie, some of his pieces looked like they were coming right at me. But it’s ok, I had my computer screen to protect me. He also mentioned another artist named Totem, who, according to Ric, has lettering that is shaped similar to a shark.

Before Ric could get into more detail about his favorite artists he talked about the art of the letter and how it can be manipulated to look like nearly anything you want them to look like. Ric says that his interest in the letter and how people shift it and rock it brings the thrill to graffiti writing. “There has to be a passion in everything you do,” he says. He says he doesn’t see as much passion as he did in the old days, but he knows there are still people that “bomb hard.” “There are cats now that reduced considerably to how much they used to get up and now they cut back,” Ric says. “But when they do get up it’s even sicker because of all the time they allowed to wait.”

And what is Ric’s next step for his graffiti art? Yes, 3D graffiti art.


~ by Mr. Fem-Bot on March 23, 2010.

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