Yeah, Another Blog Post About Banksy in SF

The street artist Banksy has been the talk of the town for the past week and low and behold, it seems like everybody wants a piece of that Banksy pie. Not only have bloggers been fresh on the trail of his recent art pieces seen throughout the city, but one particular street artist tried taking some of his shine. USA Today labeled him one of the most influential people of 2010. And did I mention that his film “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” was considered a possible film of the year? Good golly miss Molly (and I never use that saying) that seems like a lot to swallow within a week!

Several of Banksy’s pieces were discovered throughout San Francisco. A couple of them sprouted out in Chinatown, another one appeared on Haight Street, and another magically made its way to Alcatraz, mmhmm, you heard that right *snap.* Some argued that his San Francisco artwork was a publicity stunt for his recent film, while others think that his work may be done by the hand of assistants. Whether or not the pieces are Banksy originals, one particular artist named “Otter” tried stealing some of his spotlight.

Otter strategically planted images of the Otter Pop otter, along with a tagline of his name, on some of Banksy’s street art murals in Chinatown. How long did Otter’s piece last? Five hours. The owners of the shop, which Banksy paid fifty bucks to use as his blank canvas, painted over Otter’s attempt to get his fifteen minutes, I’m sorry, five hours of fame. But that did not stop Otter from hitting up another Banksy piece right above an H&R Home Furnishing rooftop. I loved Otter Pops when I was growing up, and I still do, but is this artist that desperate to get his or her name out there? Maybe Otters attempt to gain some attention was a cry to Banksy lovers that there are more street artists than Banksy. Who knows.

Is Banksy overrated? That is really the question for you to answer. Is he popular based on his anonymity? Is he popular because celebrities like Brad Pitt dig his style? Or is he popular because he is the best, hands down? I think Banksy’s work is over-hyped, but I am not taking away from the work he puts out. He makes political statements and continues to do so even with the amount of attention that comes along with it. Sure he makes a little bit of cash for his art, but why not get paid for something you’re good at? Even the joker knew that.

There are tons and tons of artists out there putting up amazing pieces of work like graff writer Reyes, or street artist Bigfoot, who don’t get the attention that Banksy gets because everyone drools over whatever he does. Sure Banksy makes bold moves such as his political statement in Disneyland, but is he really someone that deserves all of the attention? And what am I doing by writing yet another blog on an artist that has the blog world already exploding with people talking about the same stuff? Maybe this is my way venting out towards something that doesn’t need as much attention that it received, and still is receiving. I am in no way someone who enjoys drinking hatorade. Hell, I even supported Banksy’s film and I liked it. But the next time you take a stroll down the street and see a stenciled out rat, chilling on the side of the building ask yourself if it really is that big of a deal. Just a thought.

Banksy in SF(Photo: sfslim)


~ by Mr. Fem-Bot on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Yeah, Another Blog Post About Banksy in SF”

  1. There are a number of photos on Flickr of the recent (alleged) Banksy pieces in SF. Many are CC licensed (this one, for example) so you could easily include a few here.

  2. […] Yeah, Another Blog Post About Banksy in SF The street artist Banksy has been the talk of the town for the past week and low and behold, it seems like everybody wants a piece of that Banksy pie. (sf graffiti art) […]

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