Excellent Condition at 111 Minna

111 Minna kept its gallery patrons sipping on fine alcoholic beverages, socializing amongst one another, and viewing art from local, and not so local, artists during the Excellent Condition show during the Month of May.

I shimmied and Harlem shook my way through the crowd to get a view of the art. There were art pieces of animals with glowing eyes, girls in hand-drawn black-and-white illustrations, shadowy figures positioned in photos that I swear must have been from World War II (sue me if I’m wrong), and even an alter of sorts for weed, yes, weed.

The beer I drank earlier was wearing thin and I needed to get to work. Low and behold my luck was bestowed upon me (I never use bestowed, but it sounds nice on paper). I ran into a few artists and two attendants whom all were not too shy to speak in front of the camera. Cody Cochrane, a North American artist, and Tim Schafer, a Bay Area artist, spoke about their art and why they do what they do. And two guests of Minna, Aaron Arabian and David Felice, gave their views of Minna and some of the artwork. So sit back and enjoy four minutes of funtastic fun at an art gallery that even you, yes you, should skip your way over to.


~ by Mr. Fem-Bot on June 9, 2010.

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